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Spanish oliveoil – for the love of quality

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Just imagine you could hold a bottle of finest olive oil in your hands. Labelled with your own brand!
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Liquid gold from Andalusia
We have visited various oliveoils mills fpr you located in the heart of Andalucia. Hence we could convince ourselves from the quality at sight.

with your own olive oil
Benefit from a private label oil as an advertising medium and generate a sustainable added value for your company and customers. Our origin protected oils are produced through certified oilmills at the latest quality standards demanded by international food retailers. Therefore we ensure consistent requirements four you and your clients.

origin protected and aromatic
After intense efforts we are proud to present to you an exclusive range of oils at attracitve prices.

and continuous quality
By the way, did you know that Spain is by far the greatest olive oil producer worldwide?
From a variety of oilmills we have carefully selected those, from which we have convinced ourselves at sight.
After intense endeavors we are finally proud to present to you these distinguished oils in vast quantities at attractives prices.

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Oils from Andalusia – your liquid gold

The features of an olive oil is determined by the declaration of origin – the so called D.O.P. „denominacion de origen protegida“. Only oils with the quality grade virgin and virgin extra must bear this declaration.
We obtain our oils from the following DOP-Regions:

DOP-Region Baena

Baena is located in the south of the province Cordoba inbetween the Campina and the mountain foothills of Serrania Subbetica. It is the oldest Oliveoil cultivation region of Spain. The climatic conditions of the landscape enables the cultivation of several olive sorts.

DOP-Sierra de Segura

The national Parks of Segura, Cazorla and Las Villas Nature Reserve, with a size of 214,336 hectares, make it the largest Protected Nature Reserve in the whole of Spain. In 1983, the UNESCO’s “Man and the Biosphere” Programme declared this mountainous region a Biosphere Nature Reserve.

Olive culture in Spain!
Impressive figures!

220 Mio trees

2,2 Mio hectares of cropland

10 Main areas

250 Olivesorts ( with subsorts)

80% produced in Spain

20% remaininng are distributed to
7,0 % Castilla la Mancha
5,0 % Extremadura
3,5 % Cataluña
4,5 % Rest of Spain

Spain on the march

With two – figured growth rates at times, Spain’s triumphal march as the world olive supplier is still on-going. Spain is equipped with one of the most contemporary and efficient olive oil production plants worldwide.

0 Tons
A harvest outcome at 1 million tons by average, catapults Spain to the worlds largest olive oil producer by far
0 %
World market share in terms of the worlds total olive oil production is pretty impressive

Varieties we mainly process

Oliveoil from Hojiblanca guarantees subsistence to a lot of farmers. Even a tribute is paid to this olive sort – namely in form of a museum which is located in Malaga.

Half of all Spanish olives are Picqual – olives. This kind is the most important sort and therefore also known as the “queen” of olives.

Is the second largest sort with an approx. average weight of 4.8 grammes. The Picudo is also very well suited as a table olive.

Why MergeMax?

MergeMax direct sales offers extra virgin olive oils from Andalusia:
at very attractive prices.

1. Container

Depending on order quantity and usage intervals, one should choose an appropriate container accordingly. A carefully selected vessel is a crucial criteria in terms of durability and quality conservation.

2. Factory bottling

After placing an order your oil is immediately being produced for you. No interim storage. Your olive oil into the bottle – right away. Fresh and directly bottled. Maybe with your own brand? It`s your choice!

3. Tailored shipment

We are always up to date ensuring a
secure trip of your valuable
carriage. Whether by Land, sea
or air – Your oil is handled with
maximum care under constant
temperature and transportation

Enhance your customer loyalty through your trustful private label olive oil brand!

You may ask yourself which oil is the most suitable for your customers and your business? Together we will find an answer. To evaluate your own creation we would be happy to have a telephone consultation with you. Or else you might want to inform us in a few steps which features are important to you Simply order a free olive oil sample and you will immediately receive our questionnaire per E-mail.

Harvest time is creative time!

Due to the climatic conditions harvesting begins at the end of October. It ranges mainly through November and December but can extend even further to February. In these month your individual oil can be pressed.

Regardless whether you don`t have a clear idea of your oil or a certain
vision or your personal oil: We can make things happen and would gladly
like to assist you in finding a decision.

Test our
quality first!

Free samples

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